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Starting in 2006 I teamed up with Alpha Car Hire to form Team Alpha with long term friend Marc and his work mates. We raced in the 750 Motor Club Stock Hatch Champoinship



Moving back to karting with son Harry racing in the Honda Cadet Kent Cup Championships


Bambino Karting

Bambino Karting with Daughter Aimee on her first rung of the motorsport ladder. Running in Bambino Club at Buckmore Park with a 3rd place finish in only her 5th race meeting


Karting is still the best way to experence the thrill of motor racing and one of the best ways is to find your local track and see for your self


As I got more into motorsport it was the next step in to car that i took. I looked for something that was competertive but also  the best bang for buck and safe. I was in  the Lotus owners club aka Seloc and they were putting togeather a race series in 3 series BMW’s so i bought a 320 i from Ebay and started to build a race car. I went to Silverstone on the last test day of the year and did my license it was a very wet day and i remember thinking this is scarey . I passed and then the following April i was off to Lydden Hill for my first ever race. following that i found out that racing a car is very hard with out a team so in 2006 I met up with my mate Marc and formed Team Alpha and went on to look for a race series to race in.So I went to BrandsHatch on the weekend of the 750 Motor Club Stock Hatch event.

The following week I bought my Fiesta Xr2 race car and trailer from a guy in rainham essex.
We raced in 2 years of the 750 Motorclub stock hatch championships. #bestfunever